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About Mike Williams

Mike Williams CMHT RP - Raleigh Hypnosis - Imagine Hypnotics Mike Williams, CMHt, CI, RMP is the founder of Imagine Hypnotics, specializing in clinical, transpersonal and spiritual hypnosis for client growth and personal transformation.

Mike applies advanced hypnosis techniques to help his clients achieve their goals. Each session is individually designed to address the client's desired objectives as the client explores and discovers the healing abilities unleashed through the power of their mind. Along with being a certified master hypnotist, Mike is also a highly skilled spiritual regressionist and Reiki Master practitioner.

He has studied the work of Milton H. Erickson, M.D., John G. Kappas, Ph.D., Dr. Michael Newton and other leading edge practitioners in the field of hypnosis. By applying his depth of experience and skill, Mike practices a unique client centered approach to hypnosis which delights his clients and delivers the positive change they desire. He is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT), the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP). Mike is also an IACT certified hypnosis instructor and enjoys training aspiring hypnotists from around the world.

Mike is formally trained in Life Between Lives (LBL) spiritual regression. He received his training from The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnosis™. To learn more about Life Between Lives spiritual regression please visit our LBL page.

Along with Mike's passion for hypnosis, he also repairs and restores electric guitars and is an accomplished musician, singer and songwriter. His debut album, "Leaving Dystopia", is available at He is currently recording his follow-up album, Hollow Moon.

Jesse Nichols George Interviews Mike Williams - Past Life and Between Lives Regression

Jesse Nichols George interviews Michael Williams -- CMHt, RMP, founder of Imagine Hypnotics, specializing in clinical, transpersonal and spiritual hypnosis. He is a certified master hypnotist, spiritual regressionist, and Reiki Master practitioner. Mike is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, the National Guild of Hypnotists, and the International Association of Reiki Professionals. He is formally trained in Life Between Life spiritual regression, a process of experiencing the soul's existence between incarnations. Mike has also released his debut album, "Leaving Dystopia", embracing his energy as a musician, singer and songwriter. We discuss his work with hypnosis, Life Between Lives, and Past Lives.

For more of Mike's interviews and videos please visit Imagine Hypnotics' YouTube Channel and "Like" us on Facebook!

Real Testimonials... From Real Clients

"I came to Mike seeking pain relief from my arthritis. Through hypnosis, including a past life regression and Reiki my pain has been significantly reduced and far more manageable than before seeing Mike. I am very pleased with the results" ~ RH, Cary, NC "I was always stressed out and suffering from anxiety. I saw Mike and after three sessions, one of which was a past life regression, I definitely noticed a marked difference in how I was handling situations. Today, my stress and anxiety levels are down considerably. I am feeling much better. Thank you!" ~ BW, Raleigh, NC
"I came to Mike to see what could be done about the pain in my legs. I was amazed after one session how much the pain subsided. After another session, the pain was reduced further. Today, the pain levels far less and I feel like myself again. I also had a past life regression and it was a truly wonderful experience" ~ RD, Fuquay Varina, NC "Mike is very easy to work with and he took the time to explain the hypnosis process upfront which made my sessions very comfortable. I came seeking help with self worth issues and after four sessions I am experiencing the changes. I highly recommend Mike." ~ MO, Cary NC
"I came back for a second past life regression since my first one was such a beautiful experience. This time I wanted to know more about my relationships and challenges in life. My second session was more vivid and beautiful than the first and I didn't think it possible. Mike is very gifted in this work" ~ RLH, Cary NC "My past life regression with Mike was an enlightening and enjoyable experience. I left his office with a deeper and truer understanding of my present life situation. Mike is a very competent and thorough hypnotist with a big heart who I would highly recommend to anyone looking to make changes and deepen their self-understanding" ~ AH, Hillsborough, NC
"I have definitely noticed a shift in my experience of things along with behavioral change too. It has been great! Thanks so much!" ~ CE, Raleigh, NC "I came to my first hypnosis session stressed out and haunted by negative thoughts and fears. I had a very intense and focused, yet gentle experience, which brought to light the best out of me. Mike made me feel extremely comfortable, hence being able to relax deeply. At the end of the session I felt happy and at peace. Thank you Mike!" ~ IP, Cary, NC
"My session was a blast from the past. I'm grateful it was led by Mike who I sensed to be kind, patient, safe, compassionate, intelligent, attentive, conscious, and effective. He successfully led me to a place where I was just consciousness, in a state of relaxation I have not felt in many years. The shift went on even after the session was over, as I felt immense healing and rejuvenation in the days afterward." ~ TS, Cary, NC "Mike has a lot of insight and knows how to facilitate the most enlightening experience. The enlightenment I received from my past life regression session is priceless." ~ MA, Durham, NC
"Mike is a professional, informative and thorough hypnotist. My background is in psychology, and I was interested in experiencing a session with someone who had adequate knowledge and training. I am grateful that I was led to Mike, who I immediately felt at ease with. I was surprised to learn what I did in just one session. I left feeling energized and more at peace. Thank you, Mike!" ~ JC, Holly Springs, NC "I had an extraordinarily meaningful and empowering experience with Mike. His calming, concise and professional approach assisted and gently guided me to open the door to a yet undiscovered inner universe of unlimited possibilities." ~ NY, Durham, NC
"My past life regression became a Life Between Lives session instead - unexpected for me. Mike was easily able to recognize this and navigate me in the session to work with my teachers for the soul level understanding they felt I needed. I've gained so many insights since the session about my life direction now, and the signs I have been getting but didn't understand. I am grateful for Mike's ability to naturally recognize what was happening for me and guide me in the session to finding the information I needed." ~ CC, Cary, NC "My past life regression experience with Mike’s caring and skillful guidance provided insightful information that helped me to better understand my motivation for several current life choices. The experience also increased my compassion for certain human frailties that I now realize I have actually struggled with previously. I would highly recommend to anyone curious or interested in this method of “spiritual growth” to task Mike as your tour guide.” ~ SY, Durham, NC
"Imagine Hypnotics is an amazing life changing experience. I felt very comfortable and could not have asked for a better out come. I am so thrilled to say that this absolutely worked for my husband and myself! Thanks Mike!!” ~ AL, Garner, NC “After 26 years of chewing tobacco heavily combined with countless unsuccessful attempts at quitting on my own I was concerned I would be a slave of tobacco for life. Then I found Mike. Mike is very professional, has a calming demeanor and voice and truly wants to influence positive change on his patients’ lives. I have not touched tobacco since the first of my sessions with Mike and believe I never will again. Thanks Mike!” ~ TL, Holly Springs NC
“The fact Mike can facilitate such a lucid and emotionally enveloping experience, while guiding it in a way that allows for such a powerful discovery, the way Mike does, truly speaks to his skill as a practitioner and is truly a great gift he chooses to share - and for that I'm ever grateful!” ~ SM, Virginia “I came to Mike in search of "something" and in the process discovered more about myself than I could've ever imagined. Mike is an excellent professional who helped me gain the perspective I needed to find peace and a deeper understanding of the world around me.” ~ NE, Fayetteville, NC

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About Mike Williams Certified Master hypnotist and Reiki Master

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